Sports and games is a field with bright career and interesting moments. Thus, it is good for youths who are interested in this 
field and want to make their solid career. People, who involved in the sports and games activities, generally become healthy and
fit all through their life. It is a multi beneficial field which nourishes a person with name, fame, money and fitness. It
blesses a person a sound body and a sound mind too. As we all know that good health of body and mind is essential to success in
life. Unhealthy people feel weak and tired and don’t have required confidence to go ahead. So, the field of sports and games
is very active as it ensures good health, confidence and money. It plays a great role in developing human personality. It has been made compulsory and part of the education in schools in many
developed countries. To help youths (both boys and girls) to practice and take part as much as possible in this field, various
training centers are opened all over the country.
My personal Favorite Sports is Fotball And Ronaldo im My Fav :D player

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